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High quality single-coat paint for interior use. Matt finish. High whiteness combined with a very good hiding power. Excellent application properties. The product conserves the structure and gives a durable surface. Resistant to disinfectants. Certified and monitored by TÜV SÜD with respect to emissions. Free of solvents and harmful emissions. Without the addi-tion of preservatives.

DIN EN 13300

  • Contrast ratio: hiding power class 1 at a spreading rate of 125 ml/m²
  • Wet scrub resistance: class 1
  • Gloss level: dull matt



  • spreading rate: approx. 150 ml/m²
  • colour: white
  • packaging: 12.5 l / 5 l
  • packs per Euro pallet: 32 / 72

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  • Product description


    • For high quality interior coatings with extreme coverage
    • Effect of double coat
    • Mat surface
    • Excellent application characteristics
    • Outstanding snow-white colour
    • Low spreading rate
    • Long open time during application
    • Retains structure
    • Durable
    • Free of solvents and emissions
    • Without the addition of preservatives *
    • Resistant to disinfectants
    • Certified and monitored by TÜV SÜD with respect to emissions
    • EU-Ecolabel certified: DE/044/053

    DIN EN 13300:

    • Wet scrub resistance: class 1
    • Contrast ratio: hiding power class 1 (> 99.5) at a spreading rate of 125 ml/m²
    • Gloss level: mat
    • Maximum particle (grit) size: fine (< 100 µm)
  • Material

    Application Area:
    For interior use on new and old solid undergrounds such as stucco, concrete, woodchip paper, gypsum board (without lignin marks), glass fibre wall coatings, fleece.

    Binding Agent:
    Special resin dispersion


    Content of Solids:
    Approx. 54 %

    Specific gravity:
    1.40 g/cm³

    pH value:
    Approx. 10

    Diluting agent:

    Slightly thixotropic

  • Application Characteristics

    Brush / roller / spray (airless).

    Needs to be clean, dry, and solid. Otherwise use JONAS Hydro-Haft-& Tiefgrund first to consolidate the underground. For underground treatment and application VOB, part C, DIN 18363 and the relevant BFS information must be observed.

    Coating build-up:
    Priming coat: No dilution or dilute product with a maximum of 5% water. Final coating: use product without dilution.

    Spreading rate per coating:
    Approx. 150 ml/m² on smooth underground (if necessary test on the wall).

    Application temperature:
    At least + 5°C (Degrees Celsius) for air and underground during application and drying.

    The surface of the coating is dry and can be painted over after 8 - 10 hours (at a temperature of
    20 °C and a relative atmospheric humidity of 65 %). High humidity, low temperatures and low air exchange extend the hardening and drying time.

    Product can be tinted with JONAS Allcolor Vollton- und Abtönfarben. Tinting may lead to deviations in the technical data, also with respect to contents of preservatives.

    Colour accuracy: property conditions have an influence on colour accuracy and the uniformity of colour. The following conditions should be avoided:
    a. Irregularly sucking substrate
    b. Different surface humidity in the substrate
    c. Patches with different alkalinity and / or ingredients from the substrate

    Cleaning of tools:
    Clean with water immediately after use.

  • General information

    Cool, but not freezing.

    Can be stored for at least 12 months after date of filling (see additional sticker) if stored properly in the unopened original packaging.

    Art.No. and description:
    01 10 001 JONAS Doppeldecker

    12.5 l / 5 l

    Resin dispersion, white pigment, calcium carbonate, silicate, water, additives.

    Without preservatives:
    * o.K., i.e. we do not add any preservatives during production of this product.

    Please follow the instructions of the safety data sheet

    This product is not classified according to EU regulation No 1272/2008 [CLP].


    VOC content:
    EU-Limit for the product Kat. A/a: 30 g/l (2010). This product contains < 1 g/l VOC.

    Waste disposal:
    Empty containers can be disposed for recycling. Any dried residues of material can be disposed of as construction waste or together with domestic garbage. Containers with liquid material residues must be disposed of according to local regulations. For further information, please contact your local waste authority.

    Advice acc. to CLP:
    Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective goggles in case of danger. Warning! Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist. Wear appropriate respiratory protection (full mask / half mask equipped with filter type A2/P2). Avoid eating, drinking and smoking during use of the product. Ensure good ventilation during and after application. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not empty into drains or water courses. Safety data sheet available on reques


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