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Seidenlatex Tönbase

Seidenlatex Tinting Base

• Tinting base
• Silk-glossy latex paint with good hiding power
• High degree of whiteness
• Very resistant, ideal use for highly stressed areas such as stairways, kitchen, surgeries, hospitals...
• For exterior and interior use
• Excellent application characteristics
• Fine and homogeneous structure for very smooth surfaces as e.g. fleece
• Retains structure
• Ideal use for structured undergrounds such as glass fabrics
• Gloss- and UV-stable
• Resistant against diluted disinfectants
• Free of solvents and harmful emissions

DIN EN 13300:

•Wet scrub resistance: class 1
•Gloss level: medium gloss


spreading rate: approx. 150 ml/m²

colour: tinting base 1 (white)
packaging: 12.5 l / 5 l / 2.5 l / 1.25 l

colour: tinting base 3 (clear)
packaging: 11.9 l / 4.75 l / 2.4 l / 1.2 l


Downloads: technical Information

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